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What is public relations?

Public relations (PR) is frequently confused with advertising, marketing, promotion, or any of twenty or so other buzz words in the communications dictionary. Marketing communications is a large term that encapsulates all of these disciplines.

Profile Building

You could be a CEO who needs to be more noticed, a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate who has never dealt with the Press before, a lawyer who wants to climb the legal ladder, a little known celebrity who needs more exposure, a sports personality who is not reaping the full off-field rewards for your on-field success, or an upcoming actor who wants to be more in line for the big roles. Whoever you are, our innate knowledge of the media will enable us to raise your profile sensitively and strategically and most importantly, in line with what you hope to achieve.

Story Management

Whether your aim is to achieve maximum publicity around a story, benefit financially, reveal the truth about a situation, highlight an issue, launch a new product, or retain control over your own personal story in the way you would like, our contacts with all the big players in the media will guarantee it is dealt with in the way with which you want it to be portrayed and ensuring you are properly rewarded. If it’s of interest to you, it will probably be in the public interest, which means it will sell newspapers and have people tuning in to programmes.

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